High-Performance Server and DDoS Protection at Reasonable Price

DDoS Protection

From sophisticated attacks, large-scale attacks are easily handled through the AnyCast network.

Virtual Server

High-performance virtual server consisting of Intel E5 CPU and Full SSD can be used at a reasonable price.

Dedicated Server

With latest CPUs and high-bandwidth lines of 10 Gbps or higher, you can operate a variety of services.


high-quality, high-bandwidth networks through a line interworking with a large network carrier

42 Tbps of Network Capacity

Our network infrastructure is designed to mitigate DDOS attack and provide flawless high-bandwidth communications.
We guarantee low latency, 0% packet loss and stable performance even during attacks and peak times.

High Performance Network

CloudNX provides high-performance and high-quality networks through high-bandwidth connections with large carriers. This is the core of the services provided by CloudNX.

High Bandwidth Connection

CloudNX specializes in providing high bandwidth connections to all servers and offers 1GE, 10GE, or 2×10GE network uplinks.

Technical and Sales Support

CloudNX provides technical and sales support via live chat or email. You can get business support through live chat (Channel Talk), Kakao Talk, or email.