24/7 monitoring and daily routing optimization through multiple transit providers worldwide.

42 Tbps+


26 Transit


466 Peer


Network Infrastructure

CloudNX's network infrastructure is designed to handle heavy traffic. We guarantee network quality through interworking with various carriers.

Local & International Routing

CloudNX's network operates AnyCast and provides high-quality networks not only in Korea but also in overseas networks through over 200 POPs worldwide.

DDoS Protection

With AnyCast-based network we can flexibly handles large-scale attacks of Tbps level to sophisticated attacks in over 200 POPs worldwide.

Interworking with large carriers

In order to provide stable network quality even during peak times and DDoS attacks, CloudNX is connected with large carriers (KT, LG Dacom, KINX, NTT Communications, etc.).

Internet Service Provider

In-House DDoS Protection

With DDoS mitigation system developed in-house and DDoS Response Team operates 24/7, we can flexibly mitigate sophisticated and large-scale attacks.

Outage Mitigation

We provide technical support as the top priority for hardware and network failures. All data centers operated by CloudNX have spare parts to prepare for hardware failures, and usually respond to hardware failures within 120 minutes.

Techical and Sales Support

CloudNX provides technical and sales support via live chat or email. You can get business support through live chat (Channel Talk), Kakao Talk, or email.